Experience the situation directly

raise safety
through education.

Experience Information

탭 셀렉트 박스

Industrial Safety (training for workers) for 120 minutes

Experiment and practice-type safety and health for workers and supervisors

Weekdays : 1st session 10:00 2nd 14:00 

This is the safety experiment training for workers.

Number of participants 20 persons Time required 120 minutes
Subject of experiment Industrial workers and supervisors
Main experiments Safety helmet impact experiment, opening part falling experiment, safety belt experiment, silo fire-device work, interior work in closed space, reactor pipe replacing work, pressure container explosion experiment, comprehensive electricity experiment, 4D video experiment, emergency action practice
  • 교통안전
  • 교통안전
  • 교통안전
  • 교통안전
Precaution for experiment
  • Only workers and supervisors may be available for experiment.
  • Please prepare the list of attendees at the information desk on the first floor. (carry ID and arrive 20 minutes early)
  • The experiment attire requires simple pants and shoes.
  • Any worker with disability must reserve within 20 persons including the guardians.
  • If the body is inconvenient with this direct experiment method, the use of experiment facilities for safety may be restricted.
  • Mobile phone, bag and other personal belongings must be placed in the car or individually kept in the property box due to loss or damage before participating in the experiment.
  • Personnel available to participate and required time are subject to change depending on situation.