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Disaster safety Ⅱ(Earthquake, Nuclear power) 90 minutes Experience video

Disaster safety Ⅱ course is where you can experience VR concerning nuclear power.Use fee information

weekdays : 1st session 10:00 2nd 13:00 3rd 15:00 

weekend : 1st session 10:00 2nd 13:00  3rd 15:00

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    Earthquake disaster
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    Nuclear power disaster
Earthquake disaster

Earthquake disaster experience hall which can overcome your anxiety
It is a place where you can experience the right tips for coping and how to prevent the earthquake that wall collapses and the ground cracks.

Number of participants 20 persons Time required 30 minutes
Experience subject Elementary school students and above
Major experience Earthquake disaster prevention and tips for coping, earthquake intensity experience , corridor and city center escape, aftershock Experience
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Nuclear power disaster

Nuclear power disaster experience hall where you can challenge the special space VR
It is a place that understands nuclear power correctly, experiences the escape process of nuclear power plant in case of earthquake with space VR.

Number of participants 20 persons Time required 60 minutes
Experience subject Elementary school students and above(Infants aged 3 or older can enter when accompanied by parents)
Major experience Understanding of nuclear power, space VR Experience
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Precautions during experience
  • Elementary school students and above can experience .(Preschoolers are restricted from entry because they can not experience.)
  • In the VR space, you may feel dizzy due to use of equipment.
  • Please arrive 10 minutes before the start of the experience.
  • Please wear comfortable pants and sneakers during experience.
  • ∙ If you feel discomfort due to experience, you might be restricted from use for safety.
  • Please keep your belongings such as cell phones and bags in your cars or lockers before experience to avoid loss and damage.
  • The number of people that can participate and the time required may vary depending on the situation.