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Gangdong Sarangil

강동 사랑길(7코스) 사진


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강동 사랑길(7코스) 텍스트

Gangdong Sarangil (Love Road)(7 Courses)

  • The Gangdong Sarangil (Love Road) section is a green masterpiece where you can enjoy mountains, fields and the sea for a total of 27.7km connecting to cultural remains and small portals in central Gangdong Beach. Gangdong Sarangil (Love Road) which leads to Jungjang Port ~ Jehang Port ~ Ugahan Port ~ Gangdong ~ Ogcheonbong ~ Yupo Seobo, allows you to drive on the edge of the road. The most well known characteristic of Gangdong Sarangil (Love Road) is the story related to the road. It is great for couples to walk together, because the sights of the various sections are filled with stories that match the culture and history.
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