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Oemuldong rock cliff Buddha

강동 사랑길(7코스) 사진


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강동 사랑길(7코스) 텍스트

Oemuldong rock cliff Buddha

  • The rock cliff Buddha portrays Buddha carved in a rock. The main Buddha is 5m in height, and 3.5 m in width. Jwawoohyupsi, an image of bodhisattva is 3.5m in height, 1m in width, and is embossed in a huge natural rock, called “Bangbawi’. It is a typical Bhaishajyaguru including Ilgwang Bodhisattva and Wolgang Bodhisattva on both sides. It dates back to the unified Silla Period.
  • The main Buddha at the center is sitting cross-legged, with a big face, and head high. Due to serious abrasion, the details can’t be seen but we can get a glimpse of a delicate smile with full lips and cheeks. His long ears reach the shoulders, and three wrinkles are clearly shown in the neck. The robe covers both shoulders, but it is not detailed en. The right hand is on the chest, and the left hand is on the lower abdomen. Due to serious abrasion, we cannot identify the shape of the hand. It is suggested that he is holding the tea cup of Bhaisajyaguru. Bhaisajyaguru is a Buddha who treated sick people, which is the theme of the Bhaisajyaguru religion.
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