Experience the situation directly

raise safety
through education.

Experience Information

탭 셀렉트 박스

Basic safety (Children safety village) 60 minutes Experience video

Total experience zone for preschoolers

weekdays : 1st session 10:20 2nd 13:00 3rd 14:30 

weekend : 1st session 10:00 2nd 13:00 3rd 15:30 

It is a place where our children can learn about the safety culture.

Number of participants weekdays :
20 persons
weekend  :
10 persons
Time required 60 minutes
Experience subject preschoolers (4 years or older)
Major experience Outdoor safety : Playground, water play, transportation Indoor safety : elevator, earthquake, Fire
  • 기초안전 어린이마을 사진
  • 기초안전 어린이마을 사진
  • 기초안전 어린이마을 사진
  • 기초안전 어린이마을 사진
Precautions during experience
  • Only 4~6 year old preschoolers can experience.(In case of group, the teacher can enter)
  • Please arrive 10 minutes before the start of the experience.
  • Please wear comfortable pants and sneakers during experience.
  • If you feel discomfort due to experience, you might be restricted from use for safety.
  • Please keep your belongings such as cell phones and bags in your cars or lockers before experience to avoid loss and damage.
  • The number of people that can participate and the time required may vary depending on the situation.