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Gangdong∙ Joojeon Mongdol Beach

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Gangdong∙ Joojeon Mongdol Beach(Ulsan 12 Views)

Gangdong∙ Joojeon Mongdol Beach(Ulsan 12 Views)

  • Ulsan, is city that opens to the sea. The shoreline from Joojeon to Gangdong is one of Ulsan's Tourism resources. It goes along the hillside, passing by small fishing villages and ports. Through one window of the car, you can see fields with wild weeds and small mountains, and through the other window, the sea which is always new and fresh. Gangdong-dong, which is the last village of Ulsan to the northeast, is a place full of the most friendly people of Ulsan. The night scenery is more spectacular and the restaurants emit a beautiful illumination of light such as in a village of a fairy tale.
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Donghaean-ro, Buk-gu, Ulsan


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